In order to run The Quintilian Way Summer Camp,
50% of the spots need to be filled by 1 June.


Please get your paperwork in if you are counting on us.

The Quintilian Way exists to operate a summer day camp for youth and teenagers, weekly extracurricular programming for youth and teenagers, and day and evening programming for post secondary adults at or near Kingston, Ontario, with supervised and specifically structured programming and facilities, for clients with learning disabilities and/or social differences such as ADHD, ADD, LD, NLD, PDD-NOS, ASD and Anxiety Disorder.

Youth Programming

Our unique program specializes in providing social and learning opportunities for youth in a supportive, therapeutic and welcoming environment.

Our goal is to teach skills, build confidence and improve self esteem while having fun.

While our programs are designed for youth who have a diagnosis it is not limited, we promote an inclusive environment.

Adult Programming

Programming will be developed in the following areas:

- Transition to work

- Transition to social independence

- Transition to independent living